An interesting move from that Games Workshop

An interesting move from that Games Workshop.

An interesting move from that Games Workshop

Their magazine, White Dwarf, is now going to be weekly.

Available exclusively through Games Workshop stores, independent retailers, and White Dwarf is an exciting and essential weekly hobby magazine that contains something for every hobbyist, every week – guaranteed!

I think this a strategic approach to get people to physically go to gaming stores. With weekly visits, are you more likely to spend more money? I am sure that is what GW want to happen. However I am sure like others you will remember in the UK when they stopped selling White Dwarf in WHSmiths, that certainly had an impact I am sure, it wasn’t that long before White Dwarf found its way back there.

A physically weekly magazine is an interesting approach and I wonder if it will be digital at some point?

In addition GW are also launching, Warhammer: Visions, a new magazine which will be their monthly journal, and I suspect that it will be available in places like WHSmith.

Experience a visual feast of super high-quality Citadel Miniatures. In more than 230 pages you’ll find a completely new take on the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 in a stunning new extended pictorial style.

Much more of an approach for the casual browser in the newsagents, looking for something visually attractive.

I find it interesting that this is relatively a quick change from the recent big change to White Dwarf. Very interesting approach for sure, will it work? Who knows?