Stompa Conversion

This Stompa conversion incorporates a lot of different parts, the main are the Baneblade chassis instead of feet and the use of a Battlewagon as the head.

On display at GamesDay 2009
On display at GamesDay 2009

At  first I wasn’t sure about this conversion, but the more I look at the more I like it. I think the head does work very well.

I can quite easily imagine lots of Ork Meks working together on the hulk of an Imperial Guard Baneblade and building up the body of the Stompa before deciding that the partly destroyed Battlewagon that the Baneblade had taken out would look great as a head!

More photographs of Ork Stompaz.

Evil Eye in da Sky

Taken at GamesDay 2009.

Evil Eye in da Sky on display at GamesDay 2009.
Evil Eye in da Sky on display at GamesDay 2009

The mechanical monstrosity known to the Orks as the Evil Eye in da Sky is the insane creation of Big Mek Dakrok. The Evil Eye in da Sky is a Stompa, with a number of ‘Big Mek’s Speshuls’ added. These include extra and larger rokkits, a head-mounted supa-gatler, a belly-mounted deth kannon, and, most unusually, an unlikely system for transporting and launching its compliment of Deffkoptas.

Dakrok has become an expert of sorts in using the Deffkoptas to pinpoint enemy positions so that the Evil Eye’s rokkits can be zeroed in on the foe with unerring accuracy. It takes a particularly unhinged Ork to volunteer to pilot one of Dakrok’s Deffkoptas, but for many the chance to be propelled at breakneck speed from the Evil Eye’s launch ramp is just too exciting an opportunity to pass up.

Putting the Stompa together

Putting the Stompa together.

The model does go together quite easily. However unless you let it dry properly, you can find that if the glue has not set then the model falls to bits in your hands. This has happened with previous plastic kits, so I was very careful with this one. However as there are so many parts, you can leave one bit to dry and start on the next sub-assembly. The left hand side of the body.

Right hand side of the body

See how I am making my Stompa on the full workbench feature.

Ork Stompa Sprues

The Ork Stompa is one big plastic kit with lots of sprues.

This is the gubbinz and crew sprue. Some of this of course could be used on other Ork vehicles.

The chainsaw arm. Note all the pipes.

The rear chimmney stacks.

The many rokkits and turret.

The main body and head.

More of the main body and the base.

The feet.

The main weapon.

See how I am putting my Stompa together.