German Fallschirmjäger Platoon

German Fallschirmjäger in World War II were the first paratroopers to be committed in large-scale airborne operations. They came to be known as the “green devils” by the Allied forces they fought against, as well as for their uniquely distinct Esprit de corps.

These are the Forged in Battle Paratrooper Platoon blister pack.

I don’t know, even though I read and wrote blister pack, I some how expected these to arrive in a box! Well they don’t you get a blister.

These were a bit of an impulse purchase, which came about after reading Seelöwe Nord which is a book on a German invasion of Yorkshire!

Late summer 1940, and Britain stands on the brink of complete and uttter defeat. Thrown out of mainland Europe by the unstoppable Nazi war machine, the British stand alone against the might of Hitler’s Third Reich.

Poised for imminent invasion, cut off by U-Boats and bombarded daily from the air, the British strive to re-equip their shattered army. They don’t know when, and they don’t know where, but one thing is certain…

The Germans are coming!