Matilda II

When I was last in Manchester, I had some time so I popped over to the Salford Quays to visit the Imperial War Museum North.

Imperial War Museum North

This is a fascinating museum, but unlike London and Duxford there aren’t quite as many vehicles or aircraft.

They have lots of smaller items and the displays are both fascinating and informative.

They do have a Matilda II infantry tank.

Matilda II infantry tank

This is a British WW2 infantry support tank, crew of 4, powered by two Leyland 6-cylinder diesel engines, armed with 2pdr gun and machine gun.

Matilda II infantry tank

This tank served with various Royal Armoured Corps training regiments within Britain.

I do have an old 15mm metal model, but that is still on the workbench since I bought it in the 1990s, typical wargamer!