Flames of War back at Maelstrom Games

Many will remember earlier this year when there was a little strop between Battlefront and Maelstrom Games which resulted in Battlefront refusing to supply Malestrom with Flames of War products.

From Tabletop Gaming News, February 23rd 2011

Battlefront Miniatures Ltd of Auckland, New Zealand announces that Maelstrom Games of Mansfield, United Kingdom is no longer a retailer of its products. This applies to all brands and ranges sold by Battlefront Miniatures Ltd. With immediate effect Maelstrom Games will no longer be one of our retailers.

Well according to the latest news from Maelstrom, they have reconciled their differences and Maelstrom will now be stocking the full range of Flames of War.

We are proud to announce that, in 2012, Maelstrom Games will be renewing our partnership with Battlefront Miniatures to bring you the finest World War II wargame and miniatures out there – Flames of War!

We’ve missed it, we know you lot have missed it, so we approached, apologised and reconciled our differences with Battlefront so we could work together again to ensure 2012 will be a great year for wargaming!

Flames of War, of course, has expanded greatly in 2011 and we will be bringing you all of the superb new releases from this year as well as everything else in Battlefront’s rather enormous range of miniatures. Whilst it will take time to build up stock, Battlefront’s speedy order turnaround times will ensure that even if the items you want aren’t in our warehouse or you can get them very quickly. We will, however, be stocking our store almost immediately, thus ensuring that if you visit the Eye of the Storm you should be able to grab what you need on the day.

Wargames Illustrated magazine and Gale Force Nine hobby products will also return, needless to say (for which we all rejoice), although it may take a day or so to get Gale Force Nine and Wargames Illustrated on the webstore, so please be patient! We will also ensure our venue holds as many Flames of War events as we can possibly fit into the schedule, so watch out for those announcements.

All of the Flames of War items (barring the Vietnam War stuff, which again will appear at some point over the next couple of days) are now on the webstore, so feel free to order them from this point – as well as the superb new late war compilations, Grey Wolf and Red Bear, and all of those lovely new releases coming in January 2012!

What’s interesting is that Maelstom will be offering their usual 10% discount.

I do wonder who made the first move, were Battlefront suffering or was it Maelstrom, I guess we will never know even if the tone of the news from Maelstrom indicates it was them.