Jordanian Khalid Chieftain

This Jordanian Khalid Chieftain was at Bovington.

The FV4201 Chieftain was the main battle tank of the United Kingdom during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

A development of the Centurion, the Chieftain introduced the supine (reclining) driver position to British design allowing a heavily sloped hull with reduced height. A new powerpack and improved transmission gave it higher speed than the Centurion despite being heavier due to major upgrades to armour protection and the armament.

A version was developed in the 1970s for export to Iran, known as the Shir 1.The Shir 1 incorporated the Chieftain hull front and turret casting. The rear of the hull was reconfigured to accept a new power pack. However after the 1979 Iranian Revolution the order was cancelled.

The Khalid Chieftain is based on the Shir 1 design with the addition of the Integrated Fire Control System (IFCS).

These were sold to Jordan.