Victoriana Who

Victoriana Who
The recent Christmas special for Doctor Who got me thinking about some Victorian gaming scenarios with Alien twists.

We’ve already seen various episodes with the Doctor in Victorian London, often at Christmas and usually with snow. There has been “ghosts”, werewolves, Cybermen. There was of course the quasi-Victorian planet with flying fish and sharks too. This year we saw snowmen, a Silurian, Madam Vastra and a Sontaran. There is some talk of a spin off involving Madam Vastra and I hope there is, because I think it would work well, and there are quite a few connections to existing stories and canon. For example, there may well be steampunk influences with a Victorian Torchwood using alien influenced tech to find and defeat alien threats to the British Empire. if you watch Tooth and Claw you will hear the doctor talking about steam powered starships of the British Empire if the wolf gets its way. Tooth and Claw in itself would make a good scenario, Victorian British Infantry versus monks and a werewolf.

The real way to play games in the Doctor Who universe is to avoid using the Doctor and focus on the other characters in the story, use UNIT for example, or play out the scenarios prior to the involvement of the Time Lord.

Forge World Christmas Jigsaw Part 3 – Malcador Infernus

Well part 3 of the Forge World Christmas Jigsaw provides us with the final part and we have the Malcador Infernus.


A “crocodile” style variant of the Malcador, I do like the rear part of the vehicle I am less so sure about the main weaponry. It looks like a big flamer.

Now I know it is a big flamer, but what I mean is that it looks like an out of scale flamer, a 3-up of a standard flamer rather than an actual flamer which is big!

The Forge World Christmas Jigsaw

As we enter December, Forge World have released the first of their regular festive jigsaw puzzle.


My first thoughts was that, yay, a new Ork Skorcha….

However after closer inspection the lines are much too clean and tidy for any Ork vehcile and one would suspect that this is an Imperial Crocodile style tank. It may be a Chaos, but I think it’s probably Imperium.

Simon a few years ago converted a Chimera into a Hellhound variant using the Skorcha trailer.


So after a few more weeks we’ll have a better idea of what Forge World have designed.