1914 British Infantryman on guard with rifle and bayonet

There are four metal models from this range on the workbench. I gave the models a white undercoat. Here is one of the models, an infantryman on guard with rifle and bayonet.

I have been looking at a few online forums for guides on how to paint these. Going for a relatively simple and quick paint job, probably basecoat, webbing and other details, followed by a wash before final detailing.

1914 British Infantry

I have four metal models from this range that I bought some time ago, not sure if that was the only ones I bought or if I have merely mislaid and lost the others…. I thought I had ten, but there are only four.

I gave the models a white undercoat. Here is one of the models, an infantryman advancing.

1914 British Infantry

I will give the models a base coat of khaki next.

1914 British Infantry

I have been thinking about how I might use the models once I have finished painting them. I did think they would work well in a Victorian Science Fiction Scenario alongside my Steam Tank.

Another idea was to use them in a Doctor Who scenario fighting the Robot Mummies or the Cybermen. They are almost the right era for the Robot Mummies and would make for an interesting pre-UNIT or even Torchwood scenario.

Victoriana Who

Victoriana Who
The recent Christmas special for Doctor Who got me thinking about some Victorian gaming scenarios with Alien twists.

We’ve already seen various episodes with the Doctor in Victorian London, often at Christmas and usually with snow. There has been “ghosts”, werewolves, Cybermen. There was of course the quasi-Victorian planet with flying fish and sharks too. This year we saw snowmen, a Silurian, Madam Vastra and a Sontaran. There is some talk of a spin off involving Madam Vastra and I hope there is, because I think it would work well, and there are quite a few connections to existing stories and canon. For example, there may well be steampunk influences with a Victorian Torchwood using alien influenced tech to find and defeat alien threats to the British Empire. if you watch Tooth and Claw you will hear the doctor talking about steam powered starships of the British Empire if the wolf gets its way. Tooth and Claw in itself would make a good scenario, Victorian British Infantry versus monks and a werewolf.

The real way to play games in the Doctor Who universe is to avoid using the Doctor and focus on the other characters in the story, use UNIT for example, or play out the scenarios prior to the involvement of the Time Lord.


Torchwood Team

Finally managed to find the time to watch all five episodes of Torchwood – Children of Earth, didn’t have the time to watch it “live”.

I really enjoyed watching it, very gripping and a great storyline.

Key question though is where does Torchwood go next?

Is it going to be more like Spooks, where the series is more important than the cast, or is this the end? No more?

Quite tempted to get Torchwood on Blu Ray, though  I ought to get an HD television first…


Tonight sees the return of Torchwood.

Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones return for a brand-new adventure in Torchwood: Children Of Earth, a new five-part series for BBC One.

Unlike previous series, this takes place over the next five nights.

An ordinary day becomes a world of terror as every single child in the world stops. A message is sent to all the governments of Earth: ‘We are coming’. But as a trap closes around Captain Jack, sins of the past are returning, as long-forgotten events from 1965 threaten to reveal an awful truth.

Looking forward to it.


I really enjoyed the final episode of Doctor Who last night. A real roller-coaster of an episode with lots in it.

David Tennant is still the Doctor, which seemed to surprise a lot of people including me (even thought it shouldn’t have).

Seems obvious that Mickey and Martha are joining Torchwood from the way in which they jaunted off with Captain Jack.

Christmas seems a long way off for the Christmas special and 2010 seems even further off for season five (though there will be four specials in 2009).
Excellent end to season four.