Inquisitorial Reinforcements

A few days ago I mentioned I had the (relatively) new Achilles Ridgerunner as a vehicular reinforcement for my Daemonhunters forces.

As well as my other Daemonhunters Inquisitorial Stormtroopers which are based on the Cadian Kasrkin I have also decided to add a unit based on the Tallarn or I may just use them as inducted Imperial Guard.

I have a blister and boxed set of Tallarn Imperial Guard troopers. I checked an old box of miniatures I had and realised I also had unopened blisters of the Tallarn Lascannon and Tallarn Autocannon.

This is how they looked from the (original) marketing material with the other heavy weapons in the range.

Tallarn Heavy Weapons

You can tell from the blisters how old they are as they have the letter E on them to reflect the prices of that time.

My favourite of the two models is the lascannon.

It reminds me of the British world war two six pounder.

I am thinking do I start painting these, or do I try and finish the other Tallarn models I have on the workbench.