Inquisitorial Stormtroopers (Tallarn Box)

As well as my other Daemonhunters Inquisitorial Stormtroopers which are based on the Cadian Kasrkin I have also decided to add a unit based on the Tallarn or I may just use them as inducted Imperial Guard.

…and here they are out of the box in their raw metal state.

The first stage was to base them, and like many Citadel Miniatures the Slottabase™ tabs are way too thin for the Slottabase™ slots. So a large amount of Green Stuff was required to ensure that gaps were not only filled, but also to stop the troopers leaning over.

The bases had some small pieces of slate stuck to them before being “flocked” with Citadel modelling sand.

I also glued the missile launcher to the missile launcher operator.

The next stage was to give them a white undercoat.

I them put away in storage for a few years….

I did look at my original painting scheme that I was using for the blister pack of Tallarn Imperial Guard. For them I had used a basecoat of Desert Yellow. Having finished the base coat I gave the models a wash consisting of Chestnut Ink, Scorched Brown paint (which helps remove the gloss of the ink) and some water to thin the wash down.

However I did think about doing something slightly different now that Contrast paints were available. I had painted some Star Wars Legion Rebel Troopers with Citadel Snakebite Leather Contrast paint and had been impressed with the results.

The other challenge was that the paints and inks I had used before, were no longer available.

So I went to paint the models with Snakebite Leather Contrast paint, however upon closer inspection, I realised that the white undercoat was quite sparing on the metal models. This would have been fine using the Desert Yellow basecoat, however I didn’t think it would be the ideal primer for the contrast paint. So I took the models and gave them another spray with Citadel Corax White.

Then I painted them with the Snakebite Leather Contrast paint.

I am actually quite pleased with how they came out. I got a similar effect as I did when using paint and an ink wash, as you can compare here with the Tallarn models I painted before.

The next step is to drybrush with a lighter brown to extenuate the detail.

I had used Snakebite Leather and Bleached Bone to drybrush the blister Tallarn models. This is an old paint. So using this chart I used Layer Balor Brown instead of Snakebite Leather and used Layer Ushabti Bone instead of Bleached Bone.

Here are three troopers.

Here are the commanders (or sergeants) for the platoon.

Here are three more of the troopers.

This is the missile launcher team.

Unlike highlighting and glazes and the suchlike, drybrushing does not give as neat as a finish as those methods. However I quite like the dusty look for these desert based models and these are going to be gaming models, not Golden Demon entries!

I painted the headscarves with Citadel Ushabti Bone.

More soon…