Thinking about it…

Initially when I found out that the Flames of War Polish Armoured Train was going to be £52 I was quite surprised and a little disappointed that it was going to cost that much.

However upon reflection and discussing it with Simon, I have come to the realisation that £52 is what I should have expected and prepared myself for.

The German Panther A boxed set with five Panthers has a list price of £41. Whilst the German Tigers Marsch which as well as some dice and tokens, contains five TIger 1E tanks has a list price of £48.

So to get four large resin models complete with extra turrets, £52 isn’t actually as bad as I made out it to be. I suppose I forget how much Flames of War stuff actually is these days.

£52 for the Polish Armoured Train

Well we now have a price for the Flames of War Polish Armoured Train.


It’s a little more, well a lot more, than I thought it was going to be. To be honest I didn’t know or guess what it was going to be. I suppose I was looking more at £30-35 rather than the £52 price point.

My original idea was to buy it and convert it for use by the Germans or make a British version for Operation Sealion. I don’t have or intend to get a Polish army at this stage. I think at this time I might just leave it alone.

Flames of War Armoured Train

Pictures have emerged of the Polish Armoured Train that will be released for Flames of War.

Having seen these I am wondering about how Battlefront will do the track (if at all). Those who have looked into this will release that 15mm or 1/100th scale trains use a TT scale track which isn’t easily available (unlike OO/HO or N gauge track).

Arriving March…

Well look what we have here arriving in March from Flames of War…

Yay, armoured trains! Probably the Polish armoured train from the sneak peek.

No more information, just the photograph, so no details about what is available or cost. Hopefully they will be doing track as well as the trains, seems obvious from the photograph, but you never know…

As well as Blitzkreig there is also Stalin’s Europe, so we might see Russian and German armoured trains in the future.

What we won’t see of course is the British armoured trains that were used following the success of Operation Sealion…

Operation Sealion German Armoured Train

This found its way onto my workbench (and with the recent discussion on Operation Sealion) I thought people might be interested.

German Armoured Train using a captured GWR Tank Engine

It is a 20mm German Armoured Steam Engine. Using a captured GWR Praire 2-6-2 Tank Engine, the German occupation forces would use armoured trains to protect the rail network from English terrorists (partizans) and important trains (carrying the ReichsMarshal of Great Britain for example).

Normally it would push a flat wagon with 40mm AT weapon on it and other wagons would include Flak wagons and heavy machine guns.

Actually I can’t remember purchasing the Dapol plastic kit, building it or even painting it!