The Price is Wrong!

Last month I blogged about the price of the new Flames of War Polish Armoured Train.

Back then when I thought the price was going to be £52 I initially said.

It’s a little more, well a lot more, than I thought it was going to be. To be honest I didn’t know or guess what it was going to be.

Upon reflection, I came to the conclusion that £52 wasn’t that bad.

I have come to the realisation that £52 is what I should have expected and prepared myself for.

The German Panther A boxed set with five Panthers has a list price of £41.

So to get four large resin models complete with extra turrets, £52 isn’t actually as bad as I made out it to be.

Well my source for the price of the Armoured Train, as it happens, was completely wrong and the actual list price is £90.

Yes, £90!

That is a lot more than I am willing to pay. Don’t get me wrong these are large resin models, probably with a fair bit of metal parts too. £90 is probably what I should be expecting to pay.

However for an army I don’t collect, it’s a luxury that I can’t afford. Pity really, maybe I should start a Polish army…

No, no, I need to finish the others first.

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