Forgeworld Newsletter #117


You’ll be glad to know it’s time for a new Forge World Newsletter. Number 117 to be precise. This issue we have some new models to show and some information on show attendance. For those of you going to Games Day LA this weekend, be sure to visit the Forge World stand. Oh, you might want to show Ewen this Newsletter, before asking him about anything on it, he doesn’t know we’re sending it!

Dean Winson
Forge World

Thundering heavily across the desert come’s a Tallarn Roughrider mounted on his Mukaali Xenos steed. These figures are not yet available but we thought we’d show you what we have instore. People have been asking what these look like for a while and we’ve deliberately not described them, after all, there are elements of elephant and camel amongst other things and however we chose to describe it the actual thing would not match the image in peoples minds. Now you need wonder no more. They’ll be out soon.


Space Marine Raptors Chapter Doors
The latest offering in our collection of Chapter specific doors begins with two sets for the Raptors Chapter. Many of you will know of the Raptors Chapter, they are a successor to the Raven Guard and are well known for their jungle warfare, but as with all Marine Chapters, they deploy whenever and wherever they are required (including on the planet Taros in our new book, but you’ll have to wait for that!). To aid their rapid deployment they make use of the ubiquitous Rhino and Land Raider transports. With these stunning new doors your transports can proudly proclaim their allegiance. Personally, I think these are some of the best doors so far. Simon Egan’s skill improves every time he makes a new model and the sculpting on these doors is fantastic. It’s already been pointed out to me that these would work well for many other Marine Chapters including possibly the Gryphon types.

Crux Terminatus Land Raider Doors
Continuing with doors, We have a set of Land Raider doors which can be used by any Marine Chapter in the Imperium. Also by Simon Egan, these Land Raider doors depict the badge of honour for elite Space Marines, the Crux Terminatus. These doors are perfect for identifying your Terminators Land Raider or perhaps your command squad, proudly displaying their honour to their enemies

Forge World Show Attendance
Games Day LA is of course this weekend. Forge World will be there with a large stand so any one who’s going, pop over and take a look. The Chaos Dragon and Elysians will be on display so it’s a good chance to see them in the “resin”. Two weeks time sees us at both Games Day Paris in France and Salute 05 in London. We are still taking reservations for both of these events so if you’d like something in particular, send us an email or give us a call letting us know what you’d like and we’ll have the models put aside for you on the day.

Painted Heirophant
In our ongoing efforts to get painted pictures of all our models up on the website, we have just uploaded pictures of our painted Tyranid Heirophant Bio-Titan. This is a truly stunning paint job and the painter Fil Dunn has added the scenic base upon which it rests, giving it a true sense of scale.

The Space Marine Doors Are Available To Pre-Order Right Now!
The three new sets of Space Marine Doors will be released and shipped out from 3rd May. We always ship out pre-orders in the same order that we receive them. What does this mean? If you pre-order early, you are one of the first people to get them, and of course we do not charge your card until we are just about to ship your order to you. The Doors are available to pre-order right now over the phone and at our online store.

Forge World
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All excellent stuff as usual and I quite like the new Rough Rider mount, very Star Wars.

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