My Ork Squiggoth moves forward.


This is the Forge World model and you can see how I painted it in my workbench feature on the model.

Of course the rules for this model are not in the standard rules or the Ork Codex.

I use to use the Forge World supplements, but more recently I have been using the rules from Apocalypse.

The Squiggoth has a Zzap gun mounted, and with the recent change in the rules has meant that it is less effective than in the original rules. In the original Ork Codex, the Zzap gun would automatically hit and you would roll 2D6 for the strength. With the new version of the rules, you still roll 2D6 for the strength, but now you need to roll to hit!

We are considering a house rule that uses the old rule.

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