Space Marine HQ Command

At Warhammer World you can buy an Exclusive Space Marine HQ Command set of a Land Raider Excelsior and a Rhino Primaris. In the main display area there is an Ultramarines Land Raider Excelsior and Rhino Primaris.

The Land Raider Excelsior is a specialised variant of the Adeptus Astartes Land Raider that serves a command and control function for a Space Marine planetary assault as well as a role as a heavy main battle tank and armoured transport.

This is the Ultramarines Rhino Primaris.

The Rhino Primaris is a specialised variant of the standard Adeptus Astartes Rhino Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) that serves a battlefield support and command and control function. As a designated command vehicle, it possesses an unusually powerful array of Augur sensor arrays, Cogitators and advanced communications gear to carry out ship-to-surface coordination of a planetary assault.




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