Sagitaur ATV

Well looked what was revealed today over on the Warhammer Community site, a new vehicle for the Squats, sorry The Leagues of Votann.

Designed for surveying inhospitable alien terrain, the Sagitaur is a rapid-response ATV suited to scouting operations and lightning-fast armoured offensives alongside Hernkyn Pioneers. Its armoured carapace is durable enough to shrug off everything from rockslides to plasma blasts, making it an ideal spearhead for any League-sponsored colonisation effort.

I really like this vehicle, it certainly has character and looks the part. It certainly has a very hard SF feel to the design, I can even see it being used for other games, as well as Warhammer 40K.

We’ve also been told that the Sagitaur isn’t the only vehicle in the Leagues of Votann’s garage. I wonder what else is in that garage?

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