I saw over on the Warhammer Community site a new (plastic) model of the Predator will be released. This Predator is based on the Deimos Pattern Rhino.

Although not as fast as the Sicaran, the Predator is a reliable ‘everytank’ for the Legion on the go. Instead of a complicated custom chassis, it’s built on the shoulders of the Deimos-pattern Rhino, providing armies with a dependable armoured fighting vehicle that can be easily modified and repaired as necessary.

I like the kit and retro yet modern look they have achieved with the kit. Well Forge World did do that ten years ago… This is of course a plastic version of that Forge World resin kit. The Forge World kit was of course inspired by the  original plastic Predator model which used the original Rhino model.

The kit comes with a range of weapon choices.

I might get one to add to my Rhino.

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