Ork with Rokkit Launcha

I converted this plastic Ork to carry a Rokkit Launcha, you can see the earlier stages on my workbench feature.

I have added some more detail and highlights to my Ork with Rokkit Launcha Conversion. I highlighted the strapping around the body of the converted Rokkit Launcha

At this stage I am finishing off the painting, as you can see the teeth need a little more work.

Using highlights to emphasise the strapping. I also highlighted the rocket with Boltgun Metal to differentiate it from the Launcha (and to the spare as well) and added further highlights to the Codex Grey uniform of the Ork.

Basically the conversion consists of using a Shoota and sticking in a grenade from the Stormboyz set. I also used one of the Stormboyz heads.

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