Heavy Weapons Boyz – Rokkit Launcha

You can very easily convert models from the Ork Boyz set to create your own Orks with Rokkit Launchas.

Basically it consists of using a Shoota and sticking in a grenade from the Stormboyz set.

I start off with a black undercoat and then do all the metallic bitz with a drybrush of tin bitz and chainmail. Here is the model undercoated.

Ork with Rokkit Launcha

Once I have drybrushed the metal parts I use a dark green base for the Ork skin.

This photograph shows the skin finished and I have also done the base.

The next stage is the clothing and other bits. I am going to paint the Rokkit in brighter colours to make it look less like a Shoota and more like a Rokkkit Launcha.

I have added some more detailing to the model.

I have painted the *uniform* in Codex Grey. I have drybrushed the base with white paint and I have added some detailing. This photograph shows the back view.

The next stage was highlighting the cloth, both the “uniform” and the strapping around the weapon and elsewhere.

Looking at this photograph I have noticed I need to do a little more work on the teeth.