Ork Halftrakk with Kil Kannon

One of the highlights of GamesDay 2009 for me was the fantastic Ork Shanty Town display that Forge World did. There were many of the new Forge World models including the excellent Ork Halftrakk. The model in this photograph is armed with an Ork Kil Kannon.

Our new Ork Halftrakk model, designed by Will Hayes and Owen Branham, is a hybrid kit of the plastic Ork Trukk and resin conversion parts which you can see here. This model uses highly detailed resin components to replace the Trukk`s engine block with a more powerful engine and its standard wheels with some armoured front road wheels and a heavy rear track unit. While you can easily use the Ork Halftrakk to represent a `Kustom` Trukk in your Ork Army, (and makes a great Meganob transporter!)

The Kil Kannon is one of the many new heavy weapons from Forge World.

The Kil Kannon fires either large bore frag rounds to use against enemy infantry, or a solid shell for destroying tanks.

I really like this model, which combined with the “normal” plastic Trukks gives the Orks a variety of vehicles that you would expect to find in their forces.

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