Ork Barricades

One of the nice Cities of Death models released were the resin Ork Barricades. Six resin barricades (still available) that have a very Orkiness about them.

Orks are adapt at banging together large piles of debris, welding them with burnas and Gretchin for extra stickiness. In dense city-fights, cunning Ork Warbosses use these barricades to funnel enemy troops and prevent their armour from manoeuvring, before their Tankbustas launch a devastating ambush.

These are going to be part of what hopefully will be an Ork city.

Here is one of the barricades.

This is probably my favourite and makes use of an old Ork Trukk.

See the full workbench feature on the Ork Barricades.

One thought on “Ork Barricades”

  1. Pretty cool … yet somewhat wasteful IMO … I use the old trucks as buggies, etc. they still have game model use. But as one would use a rhino, land speeder, etc. etc. as a terrain piece … this is a really good idea. I think either finding some old messed up trucks in grab bins, etc. might be a good way to do this … or perhaps make a mold and cast this up in dental plaster.

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