Ork Aircraft Traktor

One of the Forgeworld models I have always liked is the Ork Aircraft Traktor and Launch Trolley. Ideal to go with my Ork Bommer.

Sadly this is now no longer available, so when stocks were running low (back in 2006) I bought one.

The model consists of the plastic Wartrakk and some resin pieces.

Having put the model together I initially gave it a white undercoat. Having re-looked at the model I decided that I wanted the dirty rusty metal look I had given some of my other Ork vehicles, so I gave the model a black undercoat. This was then initially given a drybrush of Tin Bitz.

I then gave it a drybrush of Boltgun Metal.

I also used some Blazing Orange to add rusty streaks.

The other side.

You can see the full workbench feature on the Traktor.

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