Mixing up the Grot Mega Tank

I picked up the Grot Mega Tank at GamesDay 2010. It was available in limited numbers, but I was lucky enough to pick one up, before they sold out. I really do like this model alongside the Grot Tanks.

Designed by Stuart Williamson, the Grot Mega Tank represents the pinnacle of Gretchin-built Heavy Tank technology; an overpowering war machine that drives all before it in a storm of scrap and destruction. This full resin kit is festooned with unique details as you can in the images, and Stuart has designed each turret to be fully cross-compatible with Daren Parrwood’s Grot Tanks.

Hammered together out of junk, spare Mekboy know-wotz and unbridled Grot enthusiasm, the Grot Mega Tank adds even more firepower to the battlefield madness that has come to be known as a Grotzkrieg, terrifying Imperial Tacticians, Eldar Farseers and Chaos Warlords alike.

The model is very ship like with battleship style turrets and a prow shaped bow. It is a very ramshackle vehicle and looks like (as it should) if the grots have just thrown it together from parts lying around the battlefield and stuff stolen from a Mek workshop.

Before making it up I had a good look at the pictures on the Forge World website.


After giving the model a spray undercoat I touched up the black undercoat with a brush and some Chaos Black.

So after letting this model languish too long in a box, I got it out again to see if I could finish painting it.

I started painting the tracks with Gorthor Brown. What I really wanted to get was a rusty look to the tracks. Usually with my Ork vehicles I would use a heavy drybrush of Tin Bitz over black. However I starting with my Grot Tanks, I wanted to get a different look and feel to the tracks, rusty and dusty.

I then started to paint the hull with Karak Stone, which I really didn’t like, so I took the model back to the garage and resprayed the upper surfaces of the model with some Corax White spray paint, this time without masking the model.

I then started again painting the model, though this time with Ushabti Bone.

I am trying to get the same effect that I got with my Grot Tank IV which I like and was pleased with.

I painted the superstructure with Ushabti Bone.

I also painted the tracks (again) with Gorthor Brown.

I painted the rear engine deck with Gorthor Brown as well, as this would be difficult to paint with the Ushabti Bone and I didn’t mind some parts of the tank being different colours. I am going to paint some of the panels on the tanks different shades of brown as well.

See the Grot Mega Tank Workbench.

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