Maisons Françaises pour les Flammes de la Guerre

I do like the French style buildings that Battlefront have released for Flames of War. I was lucky enough to get a subscription so I have been getting a new house every month or so.

They are well made, well painted and I like the weight of them too. On the table they certainly look the part. I also like how easy it is to remove the roof, also to make single storey or three storey buildings.

So what do I think could be improved?

Simon said he thought they were a little too “clean” and what I think he meant by this is that they look as if the owners had just gone around their house, cleaned the windows, the shutters, fixed the guttering and whitewashed the walls. In reality, though a few houses would look like that, I would have liked to seen a more “lived in” look to the models. I might try and weather mine to give them a more (literally) weather beaten look.

Though I do like the design, I would like to see some differing styles, more so than just roof, roof colour, wall colour and shutters. The issue for me is that the houses are too similar in style. Maybe we just need more houses? I would like to see some cafes or shops in addition to the houses. Then maybe some farmhouses and outbuildings?

What do you think of the houses? What would you like to see?

3 thoughts on “Maisons Françaises pour les Flammes de la Guerre”

  1. Looking at photos in the FOW articles in the magazines you gave me there’s a corner building that could be a cafe, and a bigger town hall-type building as well. Given how long it took them to put the houses into production though, it might be a while before we see them.

  2. I would like to see a bombed out building included with the completed building or at least a ruined roof. like in Hovel’s

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