Britannian Reinforcements

Dystopian Wars Kingdom of Britannia Ruler Class Battleship HMS King Richard III
Having finished painting my Kingdom of Britannia Naval Battle Group I started to think about reinforcements. I already have on the workbench quite a few flyers, but what I decided I needed more naval vessels, well maybe one more naval vessel.

I initially considered getting some more Tribal Cruisers, but in the end went with a second Ruler Class Battleship.

The Britannia Battleship is the pride of Queen Victoria’s navy, a reliable and hardy workhorse that has fought in many battles across the globe. It has a fearsome array of torpedo tubes, allowing it to fire at surface and submerged targets within three firing arcs, and four main turrets. This Battleship also has the option of replacing up to two turrets with Shield Generators, which can sometimes make all the difference in negating the attacks of other craft while the Battleship pounds its enemies with shells.

I am in the process of naming my Dystopian Wars ships. My original Ruler Class Battleship was named King Richard III and in a similar spirit of choosing a King with a slighted or disreuptable reputation. I have considered two names, King George III and King John. In the end I think I may go with King John, just because George III and Richard III are both “thirds”.

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  1. Looking good. Four frigates, a cruiser and a battleship on my workbench at the moment, but whether they’ll be ready by 03/03 is anybodies guess. The islands and sea fort have arrived – look really nice and should paint up well. The drop-ons are very detailed and the lighthouse is great.

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