Legio Custodes Ares Gunship

The Ares is a potent terror weapon, bypassing enemy armies as it blazes over their lines in the shadow of its eclipse shields. Using its immensely destructive Arachnus magna-blaze cannon against the monuments and edifices which an enemy culture hold most dear to their hearts, it strikes a decisive blow against their will to wage war.

This Legio Custodes Ares Gunship was on display at Warhammer World.

Legio Custodes Ares Gunship
Legio Custodes Ares Gunship at Warhammer World

This heavily-armed super-heavy gunship is ideal for taking out large targets such as monsters and vehicles, and even packs enough of punch to take down the void shields of Titans. It is protected by its eclipse shield, making it nigh-on impervious to return fire.

Known as the Legio Custodes during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras, the Adeptus Custodes, is the Imperial Adepta responsible for protecting the Imperial Palace and the physical body of the Emperor of Mankind, as well as serving as His most important emissaries, His companions, and the keepers of His many secrets.

Legio Custodes Miniatures Gallery

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