Late War Monster

The T28 super heavy tank (also called 105 mm Gun Motor Carriage T95) was a prototype heavily armored self-propelled gun designed for the US Army during World War II. It was originally designed to be used to break through German defenses at the Siegfried Line, and was later considered as a possible participant in an invasion of theJapanese mainland. Sometimes referred to as a super-heavy tank, the T28 was re-designated as the 105 mm Gun Motor Carriage T95 in 1945 and then renamed a super heavy tank in 1946.

This was one big tank.

I have mentioned before how much I liked the mid-war monsters range which was released for Flames of War, I have a platoon of TOG 2 tanks for example. In an article on the Battle of the Bulge I said:

I would also like to see some Late War Monsters in a similar vein to the Mid War Monsters that we have seen before. As well as the German Maus, King Tiger II and E series, we could on the allied side see the Centurion and M26 Pershing. There are also the T29 and T30 US Heavy Tanks that could also be fielded.

Well the T28 could also be in that series too, and as a well as the big German tanks I am sure we could unearth some Soviet late war monsters too.

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