Inquisitor Lorr

At the beginning of March 2005 on the blog I mentioned that GW were releasing a limited edition Witch Hunter model that would only be sold in the stores on the 2nd and 3rd April.

Inquisitor Lorr BlisterWell I didn’t think I was going to get one, but I was on my way over to Simon’s for a game of Space Hulk and stopped off at the GW store and picked one up.

It is a very nice model and is based on the Witch Hunter model that is available in the boxed set, but has a different weapon (plasma pistol) and is pointing rather than holding a sword. Personally I think it is a better model.

Rules can be found in White Dwarf #304 for this model. Now I think I might still have that, but would need to look for it… wonder if they are available online somewhere?

Here is the ‘Eavy Metal painted version of the model.

Inquisitor Lorr

After much thought (well two and a half years) I decided that I would put together the model and paint it. It was another few years before I gave the model a basecoat of Desert Yellow.

Since thenĀ I put the model of Inquisitor Lorr aside for a few years, but when looking for something else I found him, I thought I might try and finish him off.

I will first touch up his base coat, I did use Desert Yellow, which is no longer available, so I checked the conversion chart and used Tallarn Sand instead, which is a pretty good match.

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