Hold the line…

With Warhammer Historical available, GamesDay 2008 wasn’t just Fantasy and 40K, in Hall 1 there were a fair few historical wargames on show using the various Warhammer Historical rules. This is nothing new, last year we saw was Aly Morrison and Dave Andrews’ excellent World War One demonstration game.

Demonstrating The Great War rules were two games one set in Gallipoli and one in 1914. Here are two pictures from the 1914 game, with British infantry moving forward through a farm and a line of British Infantry about to open fire on the advancing German army.

Beautifully painted and modelled.

Scenery was not as nice as Dave’s but was still very well constructured and impressive.

You can see many more pictures of the historical wargaming on my website.

To see more pictures from GamesDay 2008 have a look at my GamesDay 2008 Gallery.

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