Hawker Siddeley Dominie T.Mk.1

I made a return visit to RAF Museum at Cosford. I was last there in 2017. I am impressed with the range and variety of aircraft on display at RAF Cosford. The first aircraft you see (well apart from the VC10, the Hercules by the car park, oh and the huge Bristol Britannia 312!

So once you have entered the museum, proper, the first aircraft you see is the Hawker Siddeley Dominie T.Mk.1 a navigation trainer that was used by the RAF.

The Dominie advanced navigation trainer was used for a long time with the Royal Air Force. It was the first jet-powered navigation trainer designed specifically for such a purpose to enter service with the Royal Air Force. The Dominie T1 was used to train weapon systems officers and operators, air engineers and air loadmasters in systems management, air leadership, decision making and teamwork.

It entered service in 1965 and was developed from the Hawker Siddeley HS.125 a twin-engine mid-size business jet.

This particular Dominie was retired in January 2011.

More photographs of the Hawker Siddeley Dominie T.Mk.1

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