Germans Invade USA (in 1901)

I started reading Robert Conroy’s interesting alternative history novel…

After showing you the screenshot from Star Trek Enterprise with the Germans in charge of the Whitehouse in World War Two, today I can recommend reading Robert Conroy’s interesting alternative history novel, 1901.

In 1901, as the imperial German navy invades the United States in order to force America to surrender its newly acquired territories, President McKinley suffers a fatal heart attack and Theodore Roosevelt, the new commander in chief, rallies the disorganized American forces to defend their homeland.

Though I have only read around a hundred pages it is quite a good read.

It certainly lacks the charm of a Turtledove alternative history novel and some of the characterisation and dialogue seems very late 20th century (rather than every early 20th); it certainly is worth a look if you have an interest in alternative history

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