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Well autumn is at last upon us and with Christmas looming before us like a snow-covered leviathan in a festive hat, we thought it was about time to send out another missive from us here at Forge World. In this newsletter you`ll find two new products to tempt you in the shape of some fantastic new small etched brass eagles and the wonderfully corrupt Renegade Militia Weapon Arms, as well as details about our attendance at forthcoming events and further Christmas shopping information.

Alan Bligh,
Forge World.

The Death Korps March On

We`ve been getting a lot of requests for news and schedules for what else we`ll be doing for the Death Korps, and there are a lot of rumours running round about them. So in order to answer those questions here are a few things we can tell you about the forthcoming models in range. Firstly, we will be doing at least a further two Death Korps infantry squad packs in addition the current ‘Death Korps Advancing’ squad. On their way to production there are also special weapons models, conversion kits to modify and enhance your Death Korps vehicles, command and command HQ squads as well as the Grenadiers (Death Korps Storm Troopers) including the Heavy Flamer team showcased as a work in progress at Games Day UK, and of course the much anticipated Death Riders. All of these will make an appearance in the near future.

This is far from all we will be doing for the Death Korps range in the future; other plans are afoot we`re very excited about, and indeed our designers are working feverishly on a host of new Death Korps related projects, from towed artillery pieces to an all new small tracked carrier we`re calling the Centaur, which will see service in several different battlefield roles. In short we are expanding our Death Korps range to create a ‘full scale’ and highly unique army for Warhammer 40K with a diversity of troops and options for you choose from, and the Krieg themselves will be fully detailed in the next two Imperial Armour books.

Treacherous Weapons

Available for pre order now for release commencing the 6th of November are our new Renegade Militia Weapon Arms. These are intended for use with our Renegade militia conversion sets (unsurprisingly) and contain ten sets of weapon arms and a special vox-caster torso. The weapons include captured Imperial pattern auto-weapons, a melta and plasma gun as well as selection of vicious improvised blades. You can use this pack to create all manner of traitors, renegades and recidivists by mixing them in with Cadian plastics and our Militia set, but they can equally be used to great effect for Guard regiments, penal legion troops, PDF forces, Inquisitorial retinues, cultists and with just about any Necromunda gang you can think off!

Sign of the Emperor

Continuing our range of Etched Brass are these Small Imperial Eagles, fully detailed and designed to fit on shoulder pads, torsos, scrolls and the like and well as provide fine detail work on vehicles, there`s more than 250 Imperial Eagles on a single sheet! If you’re like me and just can’t quite managed to paint that finely, this is a product you’ve been waiting for.

See the Imperial Eagles here.

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