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previews of infantry upgrades and plans for 2006…


In today’s issue of the Forge World Newsletter we have a few photos of some figures from our soon to be released Cadian upgrade packs to show you. We have up to date information on ordering from Forge World for Christmas and we will also be running through a list of some of our up and coming projects, keeping you up to date with what Forge World is doing and to get you excited too.

Ewen Little.
Forge World.

Sneak Preview – Cadian Infantry Upgrades
Here are some photos of some of the first conversion kits that we have been working on for detailing and personalising plastic Cadian Imperial Guard models. We’re only going to show you a few pictures to whet your appetites, and also see what you think. Initially we plan to release a conversion pack for Cadian Veterans equipped with shotguns, a much requested option. The uppermost picture shows one completed model from the Cadian Veteran Shotgun pack showing off one of the really nice new one piece torso-arms-shotgun sections and one of the five different finely detailed heads included in the set. At least two other Cadian upgrade packs are planned for release early in 2006 and you can see three other models we have assembled in the other pictures. These other two packs will each have ten individually different heads, one set with respirator/gas-masks and the other set without. All three of these Cadian upgrade packs also contain lots and lots of beautifully detailed parts including backpacks, knives, grenades, demolition charges, slung weapons and the like. As soon as we have everything in place to make these great kits we’ll show you each pack in all their glory and start taking pre-orders.

We can still deliver in time for Christmas! Read on…
If you want to place a mail order with Forge World for delivery before Christmas then we can still deliver in time, to anywhere at all in the world! For delivery to the USA, Australia or anywhere else outside of Europe you will have to choose our ‘UPS Express Delivery’ option as the final order date for airmail has passed. Orders being placed for delivery in Europe for normal airmail delivery need to with us by Monday December 5th at the latest. After Monday you’ll have to choose our ‘UPS Express Delivery’ option too. If we are to deliver orders to addresses in the UK by First Class post then we need to receive them by Monday December 12th at the latest. After that the only sure way is to upgrade the delivery to our ‘Royal Mail Special Delivery’ option. Please note that these dates are not recommended order dates. These are the absolute latest you can place an order to receive it one or two days before Christmas. If you want to place a mail order with Forge World for a Christmas present, PLEASE get it to us as soon as you can! None of us here like telling people they aren’t going to get their Christmas presents, so please do order as early as possible. If you have any questions on ordering for Christmas that I have not covered here please give us a call or send us an email so we can help you out.

Onwards to 2006. What are FW making?
Lots of new Tyranid models is the first answer. The next big Imperial Armour book, ‘The Anphelion Project’, features Tyranids heavily and over the coming months you will see models such as Hive Nest Entrances, a Malanthrope and Floating Spore Sacks. I’ve already mentioned some of the forthcoming Imperial Guard projects that are being finished off but you will also be able to look forward to a Tallarn Sentinel and Veteran Elysian Drop Troops. We have also been working on a small utility shuttle as used at many Imperial facilities for the transportation of small amounts of cargo or personnel between installations and up to low-orbiting spacecraft. I really like the look of this model so far and can hardly wait to see it completed. Think of this being more like a military Land Rover when compared to a Valkyrie as an APC. The link shows a few of our designers working at their desks. Look carefully and you might spot some of the above mentioned models amidst the clutter!

The Anphelion Project
Imperial Armour Volume 4 is progressing according to plan and looking REALLY interesting. One of the things I have just seen is a first draft of some rules for fighting inside the corridors and rooms of our Phaeton pattern buildings or other similar structures. We have an experimental set of rules that you can download to try them out and let us know what you think. Please send your observations and comments to but bear in mind we will not be able to reply to all your comments. We also have an updated set of rules for the Tyranid Trygon that can be downloaded. I have been told that this set makes the Trygon a whole lot nastier!

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Alas there seems to be very few plans for Epic and Orks which is a pity, the Imperial-centric nature of Forgeworld releases is a bit of a disappointment.

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