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Today`s Forge World Newsletter has lots of information on the forthcoming first ever Forge World Open Day, an announcement of the release of some great new `Aeronautica Imperialis` models and the first official photos of a great new Dark Angels Venerable Dreadnought that a few lucky people saw at Conflict Scotland last weekend.

This weekend Forge World will be down in Bristol for Conflict South-West. We have another new and as yet unseen model to show off at this event so keep your eyes peeled!
Ewen Little,
Forge World.

Never Forget, Never Forgive…

All Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes regard their Dreadnoughts with reverence, seeing them not simply as machines, but as veterans of countless wars.
For the Dark Angels, first amongst the original twenty Legions of Imperial Space Marines, the Venerable Dreadnoughts of the Deathwing are vital in their quest of hunting down the Fallen.

Based on Will Hayes`s original MkIV Venerable Dreadnought, the Dark Angels Venerable Dreadnought was the result of many hours of labour by both Michael Bigaud and Simon Egan and the results I`m sure you’ll agree are just great!

Brooding and solemn, the Dreadnought is decorated with a stunning detailed relief on each shoulder and draped with decorative pennants, tying it in with the robed Company Veterans available from Games Workshop. The look of the Dreadnought is completed by the beautiful stylised halo, Chapter icons on both the hip joints and leg armour, and you even get a tiny winged sword icon to add to the shoulder armour of one of the arms you equip him with.

This model really is a must for any Dark Angels force – I`ve pre-ordered mine and you can too for release week commencing March 19th by clicking here. But do be quick, as with the new Dark Angels Codex just out, they`re bound to be very popular!

Airwar Thunderhawk Transporters

Imperial Space Marine Thunderhawk Transporters operate alongside their Gunship brethren, ferrying armoured vehicles and mechanised Space Marine infantry from orbit or staging areas on planet, directly to where they are most needed. In the unlikely event of a Space Marine force being in danger of being overrun, Thunderhawk Transporters scream in to deliver armoured reinforcements or, in the rarest of circumstances, pull out the Emperor’s finest and re-deploy them to a more advantageous position.

As of today, games of `Aeronautica Imperialis` will allow you to play those sorts of rapid deployment/emergency evacuation scenarios as we are releasing TWO gorgeous models of Thunderhawk Transporters!

Daren Parrwood has done an extraordinary job in recreating this mighty dropship in Epic scale but still managing to capture all the detail and intricacies of its much larger 40K scale cousin. Available carrying either a single Land Raider or a pair of Rhino APCs, these Thunderhawk Transporters are just great, great models.

To add some Thunderhawk Transporters to your games of `Aeronautica Imperialis`, or just to have one to sit on your computer monitor, (Guilty as charged…), click here to go to the Forge World online store. Remember, both these models are available RIGHT NOW!

The First Forge World Open Day – Sunday April 1st @ Warhammer World, Nottingham

A few newsletters ago we mentioned our hosting a Forge World Open Day on April 1st. On that Sunday, Forge World will take over a huge chunk of Warhammer World here in Nottingham and we`ve planned a whole host of things for you to see, do and get involved with throughout the day.

Of course we will have a large sales stand and anything that you might want to buy we will get picked and packed from our warehouse that day. We should have examples of all our newest kits and models on display for you to drool over and buy when the temptation becomes too great.

If you want to place a reservation order to collect at the Forge World Open Day please just give Simon, Alan or Stuart a quick call on the phone and they`ll be happy to take care of that for you.

Forge World`s big boss Tony Cottrell has said that we will be allowed to show off several new models for the very first time at the event. What they might possibly be I am not allowed to reveal, but a couple have been eagerly anticipated and others are still super-secret. Come along on April 1st and be among the very first to see these wonderful new models in all their glory!

There is also a possibility that we`ll have some new, pre-release models available to purchase too, but we`ll be able to confirm details as the big day gets closer and I know what I`ll have for sure.

We’ve planned quite a few participation games that will be running throughout the day too. Based on scenarios from our big `Imperial Armour` books, we’ve got a big 40K jungle table representing a section of the Tyranid infested world of Anphelion and a harsh wind-swept desert table re-creating an encounter with the expansionist forces of the Tau.

We have several gaming tables of `Aeronautica Imperialis` spread around the hall, ranging from introductory games for those of you who have not played before, to much more detailed and complex scenarios for the more experienced dog-fighters amongst you.

Right in the middle of these tables will be a massive 20 by 30 foot area for an extra special game of `Aeronautica Imperialis`. As we have so many 40K scale aircraft in our collection of models, we thought it could be really good fun to play a big game of `Aeronautica Imperialis` using them! We’re working on making giant manoeuvre cards and 40K scale Aeronautica bases for the game too. I think that this will look awesome and be a great centrepiece to the day`s activities.

Tony Cottrell will be hosting several seminar/Q&A sessions during the day, the Forge World Design Studio will have a large area dedicated to them and their work and we`ll be running how-to hobby workshops too.

We’ll be running a special painting competition on the day too. Rules etc will appear on our website in the very near future but to give you an idea of what we are trying to do, our judges will be looking for the best painted and most characterful representation of a Forge World model. Judging will be made by multi-Golden Demon winner and Forge World Designer Mark Bedford and myself, Ewen Little, winner of nothing, but long time judge of the prestigious Forge World Best of Show award at Games Days around the world.

If you`re feeling lucky, we`ll also be holding a charity raffle. A mere £1 per ticket will enter you into a draw at the end of the day to win a Mars pattern Warhound Titan worth £280! Every single penny raised by the raffle competition will be given to the charity `Children In Need`.

Finally, as this is the very first Forge World Open Day, we have decided to make entry completely free! We won`t be taking over the entire hall on the day, We`ll be sure to leave gaming tables for Warhammer World regulars and first-time visitors alike. In fact, all the usual Warhammer World attractions will be available for everyone, just with everything Forge World does thrown in for free!

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