Flames of War Plastic Shermans (possibly)

Saw and heard two things this week that have made me think that Battlefront will be releasing plastic Sherman tanks for Flames of War.
Already there are quite a few plastic 15mm models now available from other manufacturers and it’s not as though Battlefront have no experience of working in plastic, they have been using plastic for tracks and bases for a while now.

So what’s the evidence?

Firstly a conversation over the phone that was leaked to me, indicated that Battlefront said they were putting together a plastic Sherman kit.

That on its own, is maybe not proof enough.

However the second piece of evidence is not only direct from Battlefront, it’s also on their own website.

This photograph of tanks for the forthcoming Blood, Guts, & Glory supplement.

These really do look like plastic models, more so than resin. The tracks we know are already plastic, but look at the sharpness of the hull and turret detail.

It won’t be too much of a surprise if Battlefront head down the plastic model route, the key will be quality, price and what models they put out in plastic.

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