Dystopian Wars Airfield Set

This set contains three medium-sized hangers, two zeppelin towers and one communications building.

This was very much one of those impulse buys, saw it, decided to get a blister, rather than buy something else, or something useful. I was inspired recently by those Dystopian Wars pictures that I posted to the blog.

You get two very nice looking airship towers. These are stone and steel towers that can be used to moor your airships, so perfect for the Prussians.

You also get a radar tower.

Not sure if they would have radar, even in a technologically advanced Victorian society, as we find in the Dystopian Wars, but then again, there is this model.

In the blister are also three aircraft hangars, big enough for fighters, but too small for the big bombers you can get.

As with virtually all Dystopian Wars castings these are very clean and no flash.

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