I name this ship…

Dystopian Wars Kingdom of Britannia Ruler Class Battleship HMS King Richard III
In my last game of Dystopian Wars, Simon suggested that I name my ships, partly to differentiate them during the game, but also to give them character.

For the Kingdom of Britannia ships I am thinking that for the frigates I will name them after areas of Bristol. HMS Clifton, HMS Withywood and so on. I can imagine that they were built in the Bristol docks, the same docks that Brunel built the SS Great Britain. There are nine models, so I need nine areas of Bristol.

For the cruisers, which are Tribal class I will follow the Royal Navy tradition and name them after tribes. As there are three, they will be HMS Nubian, HMS Ashanti and HMS Zulu. The battleship will be the HMS King Richard III.

I also need to name my Prussian ships, this I think will be a little more challenging.

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