Constructing the Warlord Battle Titan

Having got the Precept Maniple Battleforce, I have started constructing the models that came with it.

One of the first models I have been building is the Warlord Battle Titan.

Warlord Battle Titans bestride the battlefields of the Imperium, their thunderous tread heralding the destruction of the enemies of Mankind. A mainstay of the Collegia Titanica, Warlord Battle Titans are among the largest and most powerful war machines ever devised by the Mechanicum.

The kit comes with three sprues. One is the weapons, another are the (external) shields, whilst the third is the core body structure and the legs.

The first stage of construction is the build the legs. These go together quite easily and you can model the Titan in different stances, even striding forward.

The instructions recommend to paint the legs before attaching the shields.

The main body is quite easy to put together, and like the legs it is recommended that you paint the core body before attaching the shields.

Here is the model so far.

The next stage will be to put the base together and the painting what I have constructed so far.

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