Imperial Guard Stormtroopers

Here is a photograph from my most recent game (today).

Imperial Guard Stormtroopers

These are Simon’s Imperial Guard Stormtroopers about to try and take back a pre-tech village from a bunch of Orks (mine).

As you can see the models are not run of the mill Stormtroopers but are based on Space Marine Scouts.

The Squiggoth in the distance eventually charged them and lost in the second round of combat.

The buildings are from Steve Barber Models.

Wartrakk Gunner

Wartrakk Gunner for a Trukk or Squiggoth…

If you get an Ork Skorcha or Grot Bomb Launcha, you also get as a result a spare Gunner.

This is one I am in the process of painting up.

 Wartrakk Gunner

I am going to use it on either a Trukk or my Squiggoth.

It is a pity that the rules/codex don’t allow you to use more twin-linked Big Shootas.

Aquila Lander

The new boxed set of Warhammer 40000 has some plastic scenery of a crashed Imperial Flyer.

Forgeworld have realised a resin version of the “complete” un-crashed flyer.

This is a picture of a completed model taken at UK GamesDay 2004.

Aquila Lander

It looks okay from this angle, but personally I am not a fan of it.

Other picture I took can be found here.