Sisters of Battle Exorcist

When I was at Bristol Conflict, one of the nice things is the fact you can buy stuff which has not been released yet. One item caught my eye, which was the Sisters of Battle Exorcist.

Though I prefer the Forgeworld version, which looks more militaristic, the GW version has a certain charm and you certainly get a lot in the box.

The side panels are particularly nice and well sculptured.

Fighting Withdrawal

New Warhammer 40K battle report added to website…

This was an interesting game. Simon had just finished his 40K scale Forgeworld Valkyrie and wanted to use it in a game. Knowing his “luck” I expected that the Valkyrie would fly in and one of my grots would take a shot and shoot it down… at which point Simon would be slightly annoyed!

Therefore I created this scenario which has forty Imperial Guard, with Heavy Weapons, a Tarantula Sentry Gun but no tanks. They would be dug into one end of the table and their objective was to get at least twenty troops off the table.

They would be taken off table by a flight of Valkyries that would fly in, strafe the Orks before landing, allowing the Imperial Guard to embark and fly off.

My Orks job to stop all this!

See the report.

Warhammer 40000 Annual

Well I needed the Feral Ork rules…

Anyone who checks out my workbench, will realise that I am making up some Feral Orks.

However the main rules, Codex Orks do not contain the rules, originally published in White Dwarf, the Feral Ork rules (now revised) have been published in the Warhammer 40K Annual 2004.

It is nicely put together, but is as you expect it’s just a re-print of the WD articles, but they have been revised…

Battle Report

Well it would have been if the camera battery hadn’t failed

I was hoping to bring you a photographic battle report between Orks and Imperial Guard, however it seems that my digital camera has a faulty battery and thus “failed”.

You can see some of the pictures I took here.

The game went really well (for the Orks) but it was close. We played the Take and Hold scenario and after six turns a single grot and a few Orks held the objective.

It was the first opportunity for my Ork Grot Bomb Launcha on the battlefield and it failed miserably “bouncing” off the frontal armour plate of an Imperial Chimera.

My opponent put on his Medusa which was rather nasty…

Valentines Day

Don’t know what you got, but I got reinforcements…

Generally on Valentines Day you get flowers, chocolates, and other romantic stuff!

I got a boxed set of Grey Knights! Okay so not very romantic, but what a present!

There are five Grey Knights in the boxed set, including one Justicar and one Knight with incinerator.

Two of these may well end up as the crew of my Grey Knights Landspeeder.

Witch Hunters Codex

There is one new Codex which has me as nearly excited (if not more so) than the Daemonhunters Codex and that is the Witch Hunters Codex.

Having see lots of nice preview pictures on the GW website of the new miniatures this looks like it could be another really nice release. The fact that a lot of the models are interchangeable with Daemonhunters means less models to buy.

Looking good.