When is a buggy not a buggy? When it’s a trukk!

The original Ork trukk was released for Gorkamorka and was (at the time) just the right size for the smaller Orks which were also released for Gorkamorka.

With the release of the (previous) Ork Codex, it was used again as a trukk, even though the Orks had grown in size.

It did mean that the driver and gunner looked a little on the small size and not in keeping with the new Orks plastics and metals.

With the new Codex released this year, we see a nice new trukk model which is much much bigger than the old trukk. Interestingly we didn’t see a new Wartrakk or a new Warbuggy which was a pity. Even a slight modification with new crew would have been nice.

Of course who defines what is a trukk and what isn’t? Few ork vehicles would be identical due to the way the Ork vehicles are “constructed”.

I am considering that with the new (bigger) trukks that I may relegate my current Ork trukks and define them as warbuggies. Now I don’t have any warbuggy models as I don’t like the model, so it’s not as though I have a few warbuggies hanging around which would need to be re-defined as well.

Ork Trukk

Of course I now need to get some of the new Trukks…

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