Buying a house

This month sees the initial release of the Normandy style houses from Battlefront. The first model is the Calais House.

They do seem to have been very popular, with lots of pre-orders.

Our first steps into the real estate market have proved even more rewarding than we had anticipated with our first property, a sunny little house in Calais, selling so fast that we will probably be out before the end of the week. The reason I bring this up is that currently we have orders from our stores around the world far exceeding the supply and we are only three days into solicitation. As our original plan was to make a set number and then have a new one come each month we are overjoyed by the response but we will not be making more of the first house. We will have no choice but to allocate stock to stores to be as fair as possible and give at least some to everybody that has made orders.

It looks like the Calais house will sell out imminently and may have even sold out by the time you read this. After some consideration I did go and order mine, I was hoping to buy it from a local shop, but if the pre-orders are anything to go by then I would probably never have managed to get one.
I did consider doing the subscription deal, but not sure if I want ALL the buildings…

3 thoughts on “Buying a house”

  1. I thought about the subscription, and decided in the end that I would take it up as I don’t have any 15mm scenery except an unpainted factory ruin and two hills. The free p&p plus the extras pack swayed it for me, as well as the interchangeability of the buildings. My plan is to give them bases with fences, walls, gardens etc., which I may even achieve before I retire! Hope all is well in the new house – hope we can arrange to come round and trash it during the holidays!

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