"The House Subscription Deal is now sold out"

If you were thinking of doing the subscription deal for the new houses from Battlefront you are now out of luck as the House Subscription Deal is now sold out.

The House Subscription Deal is now sold out

The main advantage of the deal was the free shipping, the guarantee that you would get every house released and all the extras too.

As a bonus for subscribing to the full set you will receive an add-on set, including villagers, monuments, walls and other urban extras to the value of two houses. We will also throw in free shipping as an added bonus.

So it sounds like you’ll get these walls and the monument.

The Add-ons - Walls and Monuments

Not sure if that bonus includes the extensions?

The Add-Ons: European House Extensions

Well I am very pleased with my Calais House which arrived today. It is really nicely done.

Update: The Calais House has also sold out, so if you want one you will need to check your local shop, but I suspect you would need to be quite lucky to get one.

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