Ork Kommando with Burna

The Ork Kommando with Burna comes as two castings.

Ork Kommando with Burna

The actual model comprises four components, the main body, a backpack and the two arms, one of which has the actual burna.

Ork Kommando with Burna

Fitting the model together was relatively easy, the arms fitted well and there are only minimal gaps which need filling.

Ork Kommando with Burna

At the moment I am not sure whether to attach the backpack now or later.

Ork Kommando with Burna

Next stage will be using green stuff to fill the gaps.

Forge World Newsletter #176


Hi folks, and welcome to the latest Forge World Newsletter. In today`s issue we`ll be taking a longer, closer look at two of our most recent releases, Imperial Armour Volume 5 – The Siege of Vraks Part 1 and our very popular 40K Trench System. Deeper inside the newsletter we`ll be sharing some preview pictures of imminent releases with you as well as news on other new projects Forge World is finishing off.

Ewen Little,
Forge World.

Games Day Baltimore, News & Final Call for Reservations!

In just a few short weeks, Forge World will make our annual trip to arguably the biggest and best Games Day in the USA, Games Day Baltimore on Saturday June 23rd. I will be running our usual huge sales area, crammed with thousands of Forge World models for you to buy and carry home on the day along with Sandy, Elliott, Tim, Steve and Jill.

If you do not want to wait in line, (and it can be a BIG line!), please think seriously about placing a reservation order.For details on how to place a reservation order, please just click here. The absolute latest that you can place a reservation order so that we can get it picked, packed and shipped over in time is June 7th.

As previously mentioned, Forge World Design Studio Manager Owen Branham will be coming as a special guest at the event. Owen will bring and display many new items that he and the guys that work with him in the Forge World Design Studio are working on, and he`ll also be able to answer any of your questions about Forge World models.

`Imperial Armour Volume 5 – The Siege of Vraks Part 1` – A Closer Look

IA5 is officially the fastest selling book that Forge World has released. We are sending so many copies out since it`s release that we`ve had to order in a larger van to collect the mail each day!

So why is this book so popular then? Without real mention of the superlatively detailed narrative, the many illustrations, maps and background information, this huge book contains two new Warhammer 40,000 army lists; the Death Korps of Krieg Siege Regiment army list and the Renegades and Heretics army list.

The Siege Regiment list is a specialised Imperial Guard army list, much like the Armoured Company or Drop Troops army lists, developed to give a whole new character and style of play to the Death Korps and the greater Imperial Guard as a whole.

The Renegades and Heretics army list creates a wholly new kind of Chaos force, one just beginning the fall to damnation and into the clutches of the Dark Gods. This is an army list that can stand toe-to-toe with many an Imperial Guard army in terms of numbers of troops and firepower that can be amassed, without any Daemons or possessed gobbling up huge amounts of points.

Over a third of this big 192 page book is dedicated to the story and narrative. You are led through the back-story and histories of the key players in this sorry tale, leading to the build-up of military forces and the inevitable titanic clash of millions of troops, artillery pieces and lumbering armoured vehicles upon the wasteland surface of Vraks Prime. Warwick`s narrative is detailed down to the level of individual troops, which I found gives a very realistic first-hand account of the bitter fighting and foul environment of the trenches and battlefields. The reader is kept aware of the `Big Picture` through the use of maps and strategic overviews of the campaign as the years of grinding warfare continue remorselessly.

Of course the forces of Krieg and the Vraksian Militia are not the only ones fighting on the plains of Vraks during the first years of the war. Perhaps responding to the reported appearance of Traitor Space Marines, almost half the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter are lead into battle by Azreal, the Supreme Grand Master of the Chapter. The Dark Angels launch a furious assault against Vraks star port with the aim of destroying the renegades` ability to land more reinforcements. Whilst succeeding in this objective, the hoped for capture of the enemy they were truly seeking, the Alpha Legion warband of Arkos the Faithless, unfortunately did not go according to plan.

IA5 details the composition of the Dark Angels strike force lead by Azreal and shows many colour profiles and details of many Battle Brothers who fought during the Vraks deployment.

To show you that little bit more of this great book we have created another selection of page spreads. Just click here to take a look.

`Imperial Armour Volume 5 – The Siege of Vraks Part 1` is in stock at Forge World and is available to order via the Forge World online store today.

Second Glance – 40K Trench System

Since we showed the 40K Trench System in our last newsletter, we`ve had quite a few enquiries about it so we decided to re-visit this new scenery system and show you some more pictures.

One thing I forgot to include first time round was how big the trenches were! In the basic set you get three long straight sections that are each approximately 140mm/5.5inches long. The floor of the trench is a minimum of 40mm wide so big models like Space Marine Terminators and Tyranid Warriors will fit. Most human-sized models will be protected from enemy fire by the deep sides of the trenches, a good 40mm deep with the additional protection of ferrocrete crenulations above that!

Long, straight trenches are not a good idea. If the enemy manage to get into the trench then they can fire down the entire length. Far better to have short lengths of trench separated by corners, so the set includes three junction/corner sections. Any `blank` ends can be completed with the dedicated end sections, gun emplacements, bunkers, or just left with a dirt face to represent where excavation has stopped.

The Gun Emplacements have been designed to work with the pack of Trench System Heavy Weapons, but with a minute or two of simple converting I have no doubt that plastic Imperial Guard heavy weapons will fit. For that matter, I reckon that with very little work almost any medium sized heavy weapon could be fitted to these Gun Emplacements and to the heavy ferrocrete Trench Bunker to make a set of Cadian trenches, Ork dugouts or defences captured by the corrupting powers of Chaos.

The Trench Bunker could make a great command post but it does have mounts for three heavy weapons inside. I think that this would be perfect to represent a `dug-in` Imperial Guard heavy weapon squad…
To add character and depth to your trench system, the designers made various packs that can be added to your fortifications, such as Ladders, Firing Steps and Bridges which would allow your troops to `go over the top` more easily, packs of overhead Support Struts and Light Bars, as well as a pack of Imperial Guard Equipment.

I’m a big fan of the 40K Trench System and love how easy it is to make. See our simple `How To` guide here. All you need is two sheets of 25mm/1inch thick polystyrene and you are off! The entire 40K Trench System is in stock at Forge World and is available to order via the Forge World online store right now.

Conflict South – We`re Going! Are YOU?

This Sunday, June 3rd, Forge World will be down in London at Alexandra Palace for the fourth and final Conflict Regional Tournament. We`re filling a van with lots of our model kits which will be for sale all day and a great selection of our beautifully painted display models too. This is a great chance to see our newest releases and old favourites, take a closer look at the models you want to add to your collection next and ask Steve, Keith or Tris, the Forge World guys going along, any questions you may have.

New Models on the Horizon…

In the next number of weeks we`ll be able to release a whole lot of new model kits and accessories. In the newsletter today we’ll take a quick look at two of these.

The Malcador Heavy Tank has been spotted at a few Forge World shows and events already this Spring. To tell the truth there have been several different versions and variants on the design out there but this one is far more a `finished` model, even though we`re not showing you all the options and parts that come with the kit! This Malcador is bristling with firepower, no fewer than five Heavy Bolters in the raised superstructure, a Lascannon on either side in rather neat recessed sponsons and the huge snout of a Demolisher Cannon jutting out of the lower front hull. This is going to be quite a serious opponent to face on the battlefield!

Malcador Heavy Tank

I like the huge engine deck hanging way out the back of the Malcador, the visible road-wheels and that boxy superstructure. This is an ugly brute of a tank and I really like it! I look forward to showcasing it in greater detail in another Forge World Newsletter soon.

Renegade Militia Enforcers are an elite cadre of brutal strongmen loyal to the renegade Cardinal Xaphan on Vraks. They oversee the rank and file hordes of Renegade Militia troops fighting in his name, but those that fail in their duty, or waver in their devotion to their foul leader face summary execution at the hands of the Enforcers…

This is just one of several Enforcer models that will be released in the next number of weeks, all armed with a variety of nasty, jagged close combat weapons and pistols. The demonic faced helmets are just great and make a perfect contrast to the soft looking gas-masks of the Renegade Militia they will `encourage` into battle!

And there`s more….

Renegade Militia forces will soon be able to mark their vehicles, fortifications and troops with our newest set of etched brass icons and symbols. That`s so new even I haven`t seen it yet!

Not to be outdone, Death Korps of Krieg regiments will soon be able to get their gauntleted hands on a huge new sheet of water-slide transfers.

The skies of Aeronautica Imperialis games will become even more dangerous places in the weeks to come as we continue to make new models to fill the spaces in the book. Not only that, but I have seen the most enormous Chaos bomber down on one of the designer`s desks, so we can expect news and pictures of new aircraft and models to reach the newsletter soon!

Games Workshop
Willow Road, Lenton
Nottingham, NG7 2WS

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Warmaster Araby Infantry and Cavalry

Warmaster Araby Infantry and Cavalry on display at GamesDay 2006…

These 10mm high models were on display at GamesDay 2006. I did take quite a few photographs of these models (which have only recently been released) however a lot of them didn’t come out, very blurred. This was in the main trying to be quick and the size of the models.

I have more photographs of Warmaster armies and games here.

Forge World Newsletter #175


Hi everyone,

Hot on the heels of our release announcement for ‘Imperial Armour Volume Five: The Siege of Vraks – Part 1’, we have some more releases in this newsletter to help you re-create the epic struggle for this war torn world in the shape of a new Warhammer 40,000 Trench System and our special new Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squads, allowing you to fill your Gorgon transports with their full complement of cargo or man your trenches with rank after rank of grim Imperial troops. We also have two brand new sheets of etched brass to tempt both the followers of Khorne and collectors of Dark Angels Space Marines.

(Of course, as I’ve been away in the USA and Canada for the last two weeks meeting lots of you at the two most recent Games Days, the vast majority of this newsletter is the work of our very own Mr Alan Bligh, and I have just added the odd bit here and there. Thanks for your help Alan!)

Ewen Little,
Forge World.

Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Trench System

In concert with Imperial Armour Volume Five, we’ve created a range of terrain pieces allowing you to re-create the brutal trench fighting that takes places on Vraks, or indeed any other war-torn battlefield of your choice. Our system features a wide range of options and combinations including fortified firing posts, Death Korps heavy weapons, as well as trench equipment, ladders and a bunker strongpoint. The huge flexibility of the Trench System allows you to create your own unique network of trenches and fortifications for your battles and is intended to be used a part of a purpose made board in conjunction with other terrain.

Trenches are such a simple battlefield terrain feature but until now were a real challenge to make on your own. To use the trenches you just need two sheets of 1 inch/25mm thick polyfoam sheet available from almost every home-improvement store, cut the shape of the trench out of both and drop them in. It really is that simple! See an example of how to build and use the new 40K Trench System here.

Our new 40K Trench System is available to pre-order now for release week commencing the 21st of May. Click here to pre-order yours at the Forge World online store.

With an absolute minimum of effort, the Trench System can easily be converted for use by non-Imperial 40K armies too. File off or deface a few Aquila symbols, add a bit of damage, graffiti and other such characterful bits and pieces and then Ork Warbosses and Chaos Warmasters can hold an over-run Imperial position…

The Trench System breaks down into the following sets:


Death Korps of Krieg Gorgon Infantry

Characterful, beautifully detailed and oh-so-useful. These terms all perfectly describe our next release; Death Korps of Krieg Gorgon Infantry. These are special single part castings of up to six guardsmen in line abreast, designed to allow you to fit the full complement of 50 Death Korps Guardsmen in a Gorgon. You can now rumble implacably across the table and sow a little terror in your opponent’s mind by showing them just how many troops you’re assaulting with! Another great use for these troops is to line the new 40K trench system shown above with them as they mass, ready to ‘go over the top’! As well as being a useful representation for the Warhammer 40K player, they are also lovely models and I’ve no doubt they’ll grace many display pieces and dioramas too.

These new Gorgon Infantry models are available either on their own or bundled with either of our Gorgon Assault Transport variants, and are available for pre-order at the Forge World online store now for release week commencing the 21st of May.

New Etched Brass – Khorne & Dark Angels

Khorne players for Warhammer Fantasy as well as Warhammer 40K will want to take a look at this new sheet of etched brass Khorne symbols and icons. Ranging from the simple Khorne symbols a mere 2mm or 1/16 of an inch across that you see in the top right of the sheet, to the incredible, much larger icons in the top left and bottom right. I can see these finding use on shields, barding and banners for Warhammer players and then again being used by 40K Khorne followers on Dreadnoughts, Chaos Space Marine shoulder pads and armoured vehicles.

Dark Angels collectors will also have a wide variety of icons and symbols to adorn their forces with. From the tiny Chapter icon that is small enough to grace individual weapons to huge armoured plates proclaiming the proud ancestry of this, the very first Chapter of Imperial Space Marines. Take a closer look here.

Both these stunning new etched brass sheets are available for pre-order at the Forge World online store now for release week commencing the 21st of May.

Forge World Catalogue 2007 Now Available

Just a reminder that our brand new, and completely free, Forge World 2007 catalogue is now available to send out to anywhere in the world. If you have requested a catalogue in the last week or so then you should receive yours very soon indeed. If you haven’t and would like to receive one, just send us your name and full postal address to forgeworldcatreq@games-workshop.co.uk and we will get one in the post to you just as soon as we can.

Forthcoming Forge World Events

Conflict North and Conflict London are the next two events that Forge World will be attending. Click here to go to the Forge World Events page to find details on both of these UK events.

Just a few weeks later, Forge World will make our annual trip to Games Day Baltimore in the USA. Apart from our usual huge sales stand, Forge World Design Studio Manager Owen Branham will be a special guest at the event all day. Owen will be displaying many new items that he and the guys that works with him are working on and he’ll also be able to answer any of your questions about Forge World models.

While I’m talking about Games Day Baltimore, one important date for you. If you are planning on beating the lines and placing a reservation order to collect on the day, the very last date that you can place such an order so that we can get them all picked, packed and shipped over in plenty of time is June 7th. For details on how to place a reservation order, please just click here.

Forge World
Games Workshop
Willow Road, Lenton
Nottingham, NG7 2WS

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First use of Foundation Paints – Ork with Rokkit Launcha

This is the first time I used the new Citadel Foundation Paints on a miniature. I painted the rokkit cone of one of my Orks with a Rokkit Launcha using the red.

Ork with Rokkit Launcha

The paints seemed rather thick, but did cover well (it does what it says on the tin). I then tried other paints on some other Orks. I think they are going to be useful for the miniatures I use a black undercoat on.

Eldar Ranger

From the displays at GamesDay 2006.

I do like these models and have been considering for some time on getting a squad to paint and play some small games with. Knowing that though I would need to get a Falcon grav tank and then some Jetbikes and before you know it I will have another stack of unpainted miniatures to make and paint!

For the moment I will just look, honest!