Panzergrenadier Headquarters

I purchased a Flames of War box of the German Panzergrenadier Headquarters.

In the box you get a bunch of resin, plastic and metal. I like the fact that you get three different half tracks.

It’s a challenge though to see what goes where and on which bases which models go. I do think that there needs to be either better instructions in the box, or at least a good and explanatory guide on the Flames of War website. This is not the first or last model from Flames of War that has left me confused about what is what and where it goes on the model. It’s not even entirely clear about which infantry go together or clear instructions on how to base them.

The half tracks go together quite easily, though for some reason I got some super glue “ghosting” on the model.

The machine guns and gun shields were quite fiddly and do feel quite delicate.

I still need to add the main frontal armament, any crew and the crew equipment.

One thing I do like about FoW models is that in this set you get three different half track hulls rather than three of a single mould.

Here is one of the SdKfz 251s with a Tiger 1 E tank.

The next stage was a white undercoat.

I still need to add the main frontal armament, any crew and the crew equipment. I maybe should have done that before undercoating…

The next stage was to give the underbody a dark brown basecoat.

This will add shadow to the underneath of the model.

I then sprayed the models with Warpaint German Armour.

As my can came without a nozzle, I have had a few issues using the temporary nozzle and as a result I oversprayed the model. Not many problems, but as you can see in this view, one of the tracks on one of the models got a little too much paint.

I will probably see if I can “remove” the excess paint, otherwise this will be a very muddy SdKfz 251.

One of the key questions I am facing now is how will I do the camouflage. The consensus ont the web is to use an airbrush. I would like to avoid that if possible as it isn’t as convenient or as quick as I would like. I am going to try first though on my metal SdKfz 251 and see how that works out.

I must start on the crew and the accompanying infantry at some point.

So having cleaned the metal castings, I glued the infantry to some wooden sticks using wood glue

Still working out how to hold the crew figures for painting.

I gave the infantry a white undercoat.