Paint problems…

So there I was going to spray some models using some spray cans when disaster struck…

Well not quite disaster, but certainly did not work as smoothly as it should have done.

First up I was going to undercoat some models with white paint. I had a new can from Hobbycraft and the nozzle had broken. I didn’t realise so as a result paint didn’t go through the nozzle but squirted and dripped over the can… In the end I found an older can of Citadel white spray and used that, which worked fine.

Next up was some Flames of War British armour. I had purchased the Warpaint can of British Armour Green and this worked just fine, and as it should be.

Then onto some Late War Germans. However this can of Warpaint German Armour was missing it’s nozzle entirely… Well did I send it back to the supplier, in this case Maelstrom Games? Hmmm, in the end I took a nozzle off an older can of empty spray and used that. Didn’t work perfectly and took a few attempts to get a decent spray going, but the German models did in the end get done.

So what should have been a quick and easy undercoating and basecoating session turned into a bit of a nightmare.

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