Flames of War German Panzergrenadier Headquarters

I purchased a Flames of War box of the German Panzergrenadier Headquarters. In the box you get a bunch of resin, plastic and metal. Having put them all together I gave the models a white undercoat. The next stage was to give the underbody a dark brown basecoat.

This will add shadow to the underneath of the model.

This is how they look from underneath.

I then sprayed the models with Warpaint German Armour.

As my can came without a nozzle, I have had a few issues using the temporary nozzle and as a result I oversprayed the model.

Not many problems, but as you can see in this view, one of the tracks on one of the models got a little too much paint.

I will probably see if I can “remove” the excess paint, otherwise this will be a very muddy SdKfz 251.

One thing I do like about FoW models is that in this set you get three different half track hulls rather than three of a single mould.

One of the key questions I am facing now is how will I do the camouflage. The consensus ont the web is to use an airbrush. I would like to avoid that if possible as it isn’t as convenient or as quick as I would like.

See the workbench feature on this boxed set.

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