Warmaster Siege

Warmaster is one of those games which I really like, but actually never do very much with in terms of modelling, painting or gaming! Maybe it’s time to do something about it in 2008!

This is a fantastic Warmaster siege which was on show at GW’s Bristol Conflict back in 2003.

Warmaster game

It used the very nice Forge World Dwarf Airship which is what to makes Warmaster more fantasy than anything else.

Warmaster game

Overall it was a really nice looking game.

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  1. I love your site. I want to get into Warmaster. Can you advise where I can learn how to put together 2 armies? I have downloaded the rules and I know how to wargame. I just need an idea of the basic starter army/points value to aim at.. plus the un it mix I should aim for..


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