Settling Accounts: In at the Death

My book choice this week is Harry Turtledove’s Settling Accounts: In at the Death.

Settling Accounts

This is the final chapter in the long running alternate history series on a divided United States which started with How Few Remain and went through the Great War, a political inter-war period before finishing off with a four part 1940s era series.

This the final book covers the end of the war (and as the cover gives away) the use of nuclear weapons.

It’s been quite a long haul and I am sure I will go back through the series again at some time (as I did with the WorldWar series).

I am only half way through the current book and so far I have really enjoyed it, though typically Turtledove there are a lot of (similar) characters and I have got lost sometimes. Also so far there has been no mention of Canada, which is a pity as I enjoyed that aspect of previous books.


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