Top Ten Blog Posts 2021

In 2021 I went at writing and posting, but not as many as in 2020, this year I published regularly, apart from a lull at the end of the summer. So in 2021 I published 162 blog posts. In 2020 I posted 436 blog posts, in 2019 I did 143 blog posts. Compare that to 2018 when I wrote just 21 blog posts. However due to the continuing lockdown in 2021 I didn’t visit any museums or go to any shows. So that will probably mean less posting in 2022 compared to 2020.

Here are my top ten blog posts in reverse order. As is typical most posts are from previous years.

The tenth most popular post was from 2006 and was showing the Kroot Knarloc Riders from the Forgeworld Display Cabinets at GamesDay 2006.

Ninth  was from 2020 and was some photographs of the Sokar Pattern Stormbird at Warhammer World.

Sokar pattern Stormbird.
Sokar pattern Stormbird.

The post at number eight was a post from 2019 about Making the Ork Megatrakk Scrapjet which I had got for Christmas, alas it is still on the workbench. 

Seventh post was from 2005 and was when I managed to buy the Limited Edition 40K scale Inquisitor Model (got one) from my local branch of Games Workshop.

Post number six was was also from 2005 and was some photographs of the original Forge World Forgeworld Ork Battlefortress taken at GamesDay 2005.

Ork Battle Fortress
Ork Battle Fortress

When this model first came out, I was not a great fan. Having seen the model quite a few times I now quite like it and if I could afforded it I would have got one. Alas it is now OOP and has been for sometime.

The fifth post from 2009 when I bought the Ork Battlewagon Upgrade Pack for my plastic Ork Battlewagon.

The most popular post at number four was from 2020 and was photographs of Astra Militarum Super Heavy Tanks taken on my most last visit to Warhammer World.

In September 2009 Forge World announced a range of new Ork vehicles including the splendid Kill Krusha ‘Eavy Tank. Back in April at the Forge World Open Day I snapped a few Ork Kill Krusha ‘Eavy Tank Concepts and these I published on the blog in 2010. This post was the third most popular blog post.

The second most viewed post, was from 2020 and asked What next for Aeronautica Imperialis?  I started to think about which models I would get next, and that got me thinking what we have seen that still needs to be released and also what could be released in the future and what I would like to see in the future as well.

The most popular blog post some photographs from GamesDay 2008 of a Dwarf City under attack.

Overall I was pleased with the amount of blogging that I did in 2021.

Over the last eighteen months or so I have been converting and moving pages over from my old website to the new one on which the blog lived. As a result there are now 1150 pages on the website (along with nearly five thousand blog posts). The main difference between the two kinds are that pages are structured and undated, whilst the blog posts (though tagged and categorised) are in chronological order.

I have done a regular top ten blog posts article every year now for a fair few years, but going through the stats this time I noticed that there were a lot of popular pages as well.

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