They come from the skies…

The Grey Knights are about to descend upon us….

We are about to see the imminent release of the new Grey Knights from Games Workshop and on the GW website is a real taste of what we can expect in this revamping of the Grey Knights. The models are now available to pre-order.

As well as lots of new plastic models, the main difference is the change in emphasis from Daemonhunters to Grey Knights in the new Codex. Previously the focus of the older Codex was with the Inquisition and entourage, with the Grey Knights very much there, but their role was supporting an Inquisitor. From the rumours and recently released pictures, what we will see in this new Codex is the focus now been on the Grey Knights. This Codex is about the Grey Knights and their weapons of war.
As expected the Stormraven is a key part of any Grey Knights force, but we also see some new and interesting models, particularly the Nemsis Dreadknight.

Its powerful weaponry will happily tear through any enemy army, both at range and in assault.

As a 4-Wound Monstrous Creature with the same save as a Terminator armour, the Nemesis Dreadknight’s adamantium-alloy skeleton also lends it incredible durability.

I like it and I don’t like it… probably something I need to see in the flesh (plastic) to see what it really is like. Reminds me of the older Eldar War Walker model.

These new releases may be the impetus I need to finish my own Grey Knights force.

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